Charlie can’t fight this battle on his own! Let’s all fight for him and with him!

Charlie is only two years young yet has been diagnosed with Childhood Diabetes Type 1………. Just a few short weeks ago! In this blog you will receive two viewpoints! One from myself, Anna;  girlfriend of Charlie’s uncle. Another view point from his parents; Ron and Trish. As their lives are busy with not only working, dealing with dr’s appointments hours away, learning how to save their youngest of four children’s life, they also work while maintaining their home; as normal as possible.

My view point (Anna):

Charlie is a vibrant, smart, and adorable two year old little man! He is a charmer; he will capture your heart with just a smile. He has two older sisters and one older brother; in which all are very smart and beautiful children. He is the baby of the family but in reality he has now been called to be the strongest of the family.

On November 3rd, 2013 I was visiting my sister (in-law), which is the grandmother of Charlie. I went to bed a little early in her guest bedroom but only to be awaken a few short hours later by a frantic grandmother saying they had to leave now because Charlie was been taken to the Children’s Hospital because his sugar levels were over 1000. I know, 1000 sounds like a miracle who was fighting for his life, and that he did! His whole family has……. Of course I wondered how I could help but then again its so cliché to ask what I can do when you know the last thing this family is thinking about is favors from others. So I just tossed and turned all night, wondering what was going on, how Charlie was doing, and what the future would hold. I didn’t even know children could get diabetes and especially at two years old. He didn’t look like he had it, I didn’t know many signs but to me I wouldn’t of guessed this, and how can an innocent child become a diabetic when he has the rest of his life to live. The thoughts were like rain, they didn’t stop! The night grew into morning, the sun came up, and there were few updates but I appreciated any update. His father was in New York for work, his mother had taken Charlie to the hospital because of bladder concerns, and then a bombshell gets dropped. The whole time I kept thinking “God this family needs a break”!

The news came early in the morning, after sleeping restless for only a few hours; Charlie was type 1 diabetic! To me as an outsider, I had no clue what that meant. It was like someone spoke Spanish to me but if the words Type 1 Childhood Diabetes sounded like Spanish to me; you can only imagine what Ron and Trish heard. Your whole life changes in a flash, your child’s life is forever changed in a matter of moments, and just knowing he won’t ever remember this time of diagnosis’s yet he’ll have to live with the illness his whole life!

Charlie: The vibrant, happy go lucky and so lovable little two year big blue eyed boy has Type 1 Childhood Diabetes! You can’t sit back and question why, for there is no time to ask why! Diabetes knows no time, it knows no gender, age, or race, and lastly it knows no cure either! So we can’t sit back and say “Let’s raise the money to get him fixed” or “I wonder if insurance will pay for his cure”, there simply is NO CURE! But there are tons of things we can do for Charlie and that is why I started this blog! I can’t cure him, I can’t begin to understand what his parents are going through; as I have seen the fear and tears in their eyes, and I can’t promise everything will be ok but I can fight like hell on behalf of Charlie! We all can, so let’s start this fight together!

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Team Charlie!!!!!Charlie with his diabetic bear


4 thoughts on “Charlie can’t fight this battle on his own! Let’s all fight for him and with him!

  1. My niece was six when she was diagnosed with type one diabetes. We have a survey reflecting the struggles in her life with this disease. You can use this survey as a fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for your cause. Charlie is fortunate to have such a loving and caring family.

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