Bless everyone who has helped raise funds for Charlie’s Diabetic Alert Dog

We currently just ended our text-a-thon which brought in $110.00
We also had a Caring for Charlie day, everyone was to donate a dollar on behalf of Charlie’s cause which brought in $165.00

We are now having a virtual online marathon, on Charlie’s 3rd birthday which is actually a 3 mile run. The admission cost is $25.00

We are also having a benefit in March and the donations/raffle items have been flowing in. We are so blessed!

We also plan on having a Pub Crawl in which 25 people aboard a bus, we go to 20 local bars with nearly 100 raffle items, and raise money for the day for Charlie.

We are on a roll and we couldn’t be excited to share our stories on how we are raising funds, monies, and donation for Charlie. Please visit our facebook page if you are also in need of raising funds. We will more than gladly help lead you into the right direction.


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