A note from grandma about Charlie’s diabetes


I will never forget the night we received the phone call from my son, who was out of town working saying we needed to get to the hospital. Latrisha, our daughter in law needed us  as she was with our youngest grandchild Charlie. His sugar levels were over 600! My husband Bob and I worked in the nursing field and knew that was a high number. As we rushed to the hospital I kept wondering why and how could he be over 600; could it have been the birthday cake we had all shared for his brother and sisters birthday while their house that evening? What else could it be? He looked fine like 3 hours ago! A little cranky from what I can remember.

As we arrived he was laying in the hospital his mother looking so scared she proceeded to tell us his sugar levels were over 1000!! My mind really started racing, I had never seen a level that high even with working in an assisted living home. I realized earlier when we were told over 600 remembering most units top out at 600 and 250-300 was high!! Must be wrong!? Then we were told he was a type1 diabetic and he needed to be transported to Children’s Hospital my heart sank!

I was really wishing my son was with his family but he was trying his hardest to get the next flight out because he was away for work in New York! After being released from the hospital our life changed forever! I started buying sugar free items only to be corrected by my son and daughter law that carbohydrates are what matter. For the first two weeks he was on a very strict diet and my son and Trisha needed to go to classes to learn how to keep him alive! I was told by friends “it will be okay a lot of people live with this every day”, “It will become second nature”, “I will become easy” and,  “I have type 2 just watch what he eats.”

Well let me tell you this was NO comfort for me or the rest of the family!! This was all very new and scary to us! He is so young, his life and ours will be so different now!  Now a month later the grocery store trip takes twice as long because now we are reading every label checking carbs and becoming a math genius doing the calculations based on his carb intake to keep him at his target number! The scariest moment yet was when we ordered carryout pizza for the first time being unable to correctly count the carbs; we may have over compensated because he became very cranky begging for a banana or something to eat. His parents checked his level finding he was in a sugar low! He started shacking and crying while they gave him some fruit snacks to try and recover. Watching him shove fruit snacks into his mouth while his little hands were trembling was heart breaking but only for him to beg for more when he was finished. I having to say not yet Charlie we need to re-check your levels might have been the hardest moment, but those moments are becoming more often than not. It broke my heart as he asked me “WHY Grandma WHY more!!”

While his mother held and consoled Charlie my son called Children’s for advice. Charlie’s sugar level became into a normal range, we were able to give him a snack, and from pure exhaustion he feel asleep in his mother’s arms. So as for now easy or second nature is still not NORMAL for us and our family! The midnight and 3 a.m. checks are done my daughter in law, still wakes up to do them and thank God because she has found him to be in a low while needing to make corrections. I understand her concern and admire her and my son for handling this all so well. I just pray we are able to get him the D.A.D he and they so desperately need! Being that Charlie is only two years old it is hard for him to understand what is happening within his body and to explain how he is feeling so we can correct the levels but a dog would alert us to do so!


I love all my grandkids and I love having them over for sleep overs but have not taking Charlie since this had all happened or even babysit for fear I may do something wrong really hurts my heart! Please keep him and us in your prayers!


Grandma Oja


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